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Saba is finishing work on a new Big Data platform for real-time information
  • It is an open data technology solution with can be applied to the improving urban mobility management and for partnerships with institutions and companies

Saba is developing a new Big Data platform that enables, through an integrated technological solution, the publication of information in real time from different static and dynamic sources in Saba’s facilities in five countries through the sensorization of the car parks, both underground (off-street) and at street level (on-street). The company presented this project, which is expected to go live in the coming months, during the Smart Mobility World Congress held this week in Barcelona.

The platform includes the extraction, storage and publication of information about the car parks, referring to the characteristics of the network and the infrastructures themselves, about available parking spaces, occupation and journeys, among other things, as well as data on environmental emissions. For Saba, it represents an essential tool for reinforcing its digital channels (website and app), complementing the technological transformation of the facilities (control and payment systems) that the company is carrying out. 

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