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2018 AGM: In 2017 Saba reached €100 million EBITDA (+ 6%) for the first time and maintains growth and geographic diversification as its main priorities
  • Operating income last year totalled €213 million (+4%) and the business improvement takes root

Saba today held its Annual General Meeting, during which it evaluated FY 2017, marked by the company’s technological transformation, continuous improvement and an emphasis on adding value to its customer service quality. During this past year the company was driven by the firm commitment to sustain growth as a priority, in the same way as further optimizing the recurring management of the consolidated perimeter.

The car park business improvement was confirmed in 2017. Saba ended the year with an overall increase of 2% and 4% (in Europe), equivalent to a total of 80 million billable hours, representing stringing an upward trend for three consecutive years. Of note on this same subject is the number of subscribers compared to 2016, with a 3% increase to 44,000 subscribers.

During the January-April 2018 period, business is going well and figures continue demonstrating the sector’s recovery and consolidation: the turnover of the whole Group has increased by 2% to 26 million invoiced hours, with a total of 46,500 subscribers at the end of April.

As regards Saba’s main management figures in 2017, ordinary operating income stand at €213 million (+4%), while ordinary EBITDA reaches €100 million for the first time, with an operating profit of 47%, the highest in the sector among large international companies.

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