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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR at Saba

Saba integrates sustainability as an inherent factor when taking decisions. This desire translates into incorporating it into internal management processes at the same level as factors such as cost-benefit analysis of projects, financing costs, business strategy and information technology, among others.

CSR is part of Saba’s business strategy from its competitive and differentiation formula, to betting on an operating model where different axes that define the company are integrated into the implementation of its activity: the company also has different communication channels to enable shareholders, customers and suppliers, in addition to the company’s personnel, to transmit to Saba’s governing bodies their concerns and opportunities for improvement.

Saba’s CSR is channelled through its Comprehensive Management System (CMS), based on process management and focused on the organization’s continuous improvement. Saba integrates within this system the various aspects related to management quality and service, the environment and prevention of occupational hazards.

Lines of action
Sustainable mobility
Implementation of VIA T
at entrances and exits
Energy efficiency
and carbon footprint
Change of conventional
lighting for LED
Management System (CMS)
Environmental and quality
management. Prevention of
occupational risks
Social Action
Job placement of
disabled people
Good Governance
A code of ethics
Crime Prevention Manual
of people
Dialogue and partnership

These criteria are accredited by different certifications: