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Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality of service

CCC, a distinguishing element for customer support

The Customer service and Control Centre (CCC), had 99 connected car parks in 2015 and added another 20 infrastructures under its supervision by the end of 2016, including car parks in Portugal. The CCC, acting as a remote management centre as well as a true call centre with a business outlook, enables Saba to increase the quality of customer support thanks to its call center feature.

Car park remodelling


  • Enhanced vehicle mobility:
    In circulation.
    In parking manoeuvring.
  • Improved pedestrian orientation.
    In their usual mobility
    In emergency situations

Visibility and communication within the car park

  • More visible electrical signals and signage.
  • Better identification of emergency doors.

Paint durability

  • More sustainable.


  • Improved safety and comfort.
  • Energy saving.

Efficiency and sustainability

  • Emission saving.
  • Modernization of Saba's image.