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Car park management

Saba is a benchmark industrial operator in the development of solutions in the field of urban mobility, specializing in car park management. The company carries out its activity in all areas of the car park sector with an industrial vision and has excellent locations, the result of a policy of selective growth to guarantee the highest standards of quality, innovation and experience. All this under the guiding principle of customer support as a central pillar, Saba’s differentiating factor.

At the close of FY 2019, Saba had a workforce of more than 2,400 people and was present in 188 cities in nine countries in Europe and Latin America, managing 1,231 car parks and 403,003 parking spaces.

Saba’s business model is based on the privileged geographical location of its assets, excellence in its service quality and commercial approach, in addition to the proactive introduction of technology, the management of its contracts and an adequate size that facilitates efficiency, competitiveness and internationalization. The Group has a combination of assets at various stages of their life cycle, most of them in a mature phase with high margins, something which enables the financing of assets that are still in their development stage. The average duration of the contracts is currently 21 years, thus guaranteeing the future of the company.

Saba works to ensure it has the most cutting-edge innovation and new business strategies, incorporating in this way smart services related to the mobility of people and vehicles. It was a pioneer in the installation of the VIA T (OBE) in Spain and successfully promoted this system in Chile (TAG), Italy (Telepass) and Portugal (Via Verde), as well as payment collection using QR technology. It has a website and app that have already been rolled out in various Saba countries, through which 100% digital products can be purchased. In addition, Saba has promoted new control systems, discount automation at payment machines, number plate reading at the entrance/exit of car parks and the development of services associated with the car, especially for electric vehicles, and the car park (3G coverage, remote management, among others), as well as new sustainable last-mile urban micro-distribution activities. The objective, therefore, is to understand parking as a service hub in the sector of sustainable urban mobility; all this within a framework of actions focusing on energy efficiency that result in more savings and the optimization of management.

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Saba Presence

December, 31st 2019