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60% owned by Saba and 40% by BSM, Bamsa will initially consist of 15 public car parks in the city center
The company maintains its presence in the logistics parks business, managing an overall surface area of 620 hectares and a network of 7 centres in Barcelona, Seville, Alava, Toulouse and Lisbon
The car park activity in Spain grew by 1.8% in May 2014. In the first four months of the year Saba recorded a rotation of 24 million vehicles
The company has brought leading companies, such as Supergroup, Airbus and Airfarm, into its portfolio and holds a strategic alliance with Gazeley
Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the European Union will contribute to reduce city polution
First deal signed following the commencement of the logistics park expansion project
In a ceremony presided today in Madrid by the Minister of Fomento, Ana Pastor, the two companies have formalized the agreement, which will last 10 years and affects more than 22,000 parking spaces
It purchases a new car park in Barcelona, inaugurates an infrastructure under concession in Verona and is granted the management of a car park in Porto and another one in Santiago de Chile