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Saba consolidated its growth through the Aena and Adif operations, which increased the number of spaces managed by 30%
  • The car park activity in Spain grew by 1.8% in May 2014. In the first four months of the year Saba recorded a rotation of 24 million vehicles

During its General Shareholders' Meeting held today in Barcelona, Saba performed an assessment of 2013, marked by axes of internal transformation and efficiency, commercial innovation and growth, with two operations—the new contracts of Aena and Adif— which grant the Company a greater dimension with regard to the perimeter and main aggregates, and represent a qualitative and quantitative leap in the Company's development objective since 2011.

Following the two expansion operations in 2013, Saba manages 180,000 spaces in 120 cities in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile, France and Andorra. Spaces managed by the Company have risen by 30%, while earnings, if the 2013 pro forma results plus Adif and Aena are taken as reference, increased by 17%, to €220 million.

Parking activity data in 2014 reveals a reversal of the downward trend reported since 2011. In comparable terms, the turnover of Saba's parking spaces rose from -5% in 2011 and 2012 to +1.8% in May 2014,  (17%) considering the increase in the scope, which represents 24 million vehicles.

In the commercial innovation section, the Company reported 1.2 million VIA T (Spanish Electronic Toll Collection device) operations in 2013, expecting to end 2014 with more than 2.5 million transactions. Currently, the use of the VIA T in the Saba network is around 30%, both in terms of turnover and subscribers.

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Left-Right. Josep Martínez Vila, Consejero Delegado de Saba, y Salvador Alemany, Presidente de Saba
2014 General Shareholders' Meeting