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Saba is now activating a new business policy in car parks at railway stations and is maintaining its commitment to technological innovation
  • The company adapts its business offer to new consumer uses and habits, with new products, and linking them to processes that improve mobility
Aparcamiento Parking Saba

After the technological renovation of control and payment systems undertaken by the company since 2014, Saba will start gradually implementing throughout its entire network, from next Monday, March 21, a new business policy at car parks at Adif railway stations. The new approach will meet the demands of different customer segments by way of new products, and adapt the business offer to new consumer habits. It will also contribute to improving management of mobility.

In short, Saba is seeking to use this action to optimise its infrastructures by way of an adequate supply of products to suit the potential customer demand and of prices and tariffs that allow for an efficient response to unequal and discontinuous use of its car parks, thereby balancing times of saturation with other lower intensity and low occupancy situations.

The new products seek to attract new customers among long-distance (vacation packages) and weekend (special offers) travellers. In addition, the updates will include a change to tariffs to adapt them to the market and streamline movements in the car park itself as well as in their surroundings, thereby avoiding congestion and promoting sustainable mobility, one of Saba’s lines of action.