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Saba and Saba Barcelona Bamsa reach an agreement with Cellnex to “connect” its car parks to mobile broadband
  • 3G Technology will be available in more than 40 car parks during 2018

Following a tender process, Saba and Bamsa have awarded Cellnex Telecom the contract to provide mobile broadband coverage, also known as 3G, for a total of 43 car parks in Spain during 2018. The car park Group will invest around € 1 million. With this technology, Saba and Bamsa car parks are also preparing for the future deployment of the 5G, with a solution open to all market operators.

Specifically, there will be 31 car parks in Barcelona (12 of them managed by Saba and the remaining 19 within the Bamsa perimeter), 2 in Girona, 1 in Mataró, 1 in Terrassa, 2 in Seville, 1 in Madrid, 1 in Alicante, 1 in Marbella, 1 in Pamplona, 1 in A Coruña and 1 in Castro Urdiales.

The roll-out of this neutral, multi-operator solution will improve the user experience and avoid the network outages that often occur in underground areas due to lack of coverage. This will ensure mobile coverage and Internet access throughout the car park, enabling the use of mobile devices and multipurpose applications (email, route-planning map applications or the possibility to redeem products and discounts through apps like Saba's). It is also scalable and is therefore prepared to respond to future demand for increased data traffic with the future 5G. The overall project includes the design, roll-out and 24x7 maintenance of the infrastructure.

The advantages associated with this greater connectivity of the Saba and Bamsa car parks will make it possible to develop and roll out new "Smart Parking" applications. The value-added services that Saba already offers its customers are what are known as e-commerce collection points operated by Pudo, which can offer greater functionalities to customers thanks to this enhanced mobile broadband. This greater connectivity will also be noticeable in the electric vehicle recharging areas that Saba provides to its customers or the parking spaces reserved for Carsharing operators.

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