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2015 Overview

Saba closed 2015 marked by the achievement of objectives set out in the company's lines of action, including growth, efficiency, innovation and commercial effort.


Acquisition of CPE, the fourth largest private car park company in Portugal
With this operation, which represents 19 new car parks with over 9,900 parking spaces, Saba will manage a total network of 41 car parks in Portugal in 16 cities, with 19,800 parking spaces.


Asset turnover
Divestment in Cilsa and Toulouse logistics parks.
Sale of stake in the Modena Parcheggi (Italy) car park.

Operational management and efficiency

Bamsa network integration

Changes in technology, operating model and maintenance on a large scale.
Enhanced infrastructure. More comfort for users: new paint,
Vehicle Guiding System (VGS), LEDs, fire safety systems, etc.

Saba Barcelona bamsa

Customer service and Control Centre (CCC): Remote management, business and customer support activities
99 connected car parks in 2015 (with plans to exceed 120 in 2016).
641,000 intercom calls.
25,000 Customer Support requests: 66% of requests addressed via direct hotline.

Centro de Atención y Control (CAC)
Centro de Atención y Control (CAC)

Energy efficiency
In 2015 we replaced 4,500 light fixtures with LED lighting in 7 car parks.
In three years we have replaced approximately 30,000 light fixtures in some 74 car parks in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Eficiencia energética

Innovation and commercial efforts

More than 5.6 million movements carried out with the VIA T access and electronic payment device, 38% more than in the previous year.

App and commercial efforts
13,000 downloads of the Saba App to date.
More than 10,000 VIA T voucher activations.
Discount automation at Adif car parks.
Aena booking channel.

10.000 activaciones Vale VIAT
13.000 Descargas acumuladas App