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Corporate governance

Gobierno Corporativo
Saba maintains the will to reinforce transparency, efficiency, responsibility and sustainability as the basic pillars guiding the actions of the company which are channelled to the whole organisation via its Governing bodies. In this regard, since Saba was created in 2011, its Governing bodies have maintained management and supervisory monitoring of the company as main lines of action, its CEO taking on the responsibility for its daily operations.

Everything has one common denominator: the belief that companies must be managed properly and be an active part of the different locations where they operate, of their growth and ultimately, their progress.

The company works constantly to implement the best Corporate governance practices with a two-pronged approach. Firstly, it ensures strict compliance with guidelines and, secondly, it provides an integrated security and value system for the entire structure of the organization and, just in the same way, its stakeholders. This is why Saba is still interested in new changes such as those introduced by the new Good Governance Code, approved in 2015. This code gathers new approaches arising in 2006-2015, when the economic and financial crisis forced standards, values and practices, among other things, to be reviewed in order to respond to citizens' demands for honesty and transparency.

Saba gets the entire organization involved with the best practices of good Corporate governance, and has set up communication channels with the Mission, Values, Code of Ethics and the business and development strategy. It also continues to work towards the implementation and proliferation of its commitments under the Code of Ethics throughout its structure, the effort made to achieve a suitable coordination with all the countries it operates standing out in this regard. Similarly, we promote the role of the Ethics Committee, the Crime Prevention Model and the Risk Map, and also strengthen interaction with groups of interest, this relationship being underpinned by a materiality analysis which gets more and more comprehensive every year. This enables us to obtain constant feedback and align the performance of Saba's activity with expectations in areas such as quality, information and transparency.