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Pillars of Saba

Saba is a benchmark industrial operator in the development of solutions in the field of urban mobility, specializing in car park management. With a workforce of more than 1,300 people, the Group operates in five countries in Europe and Latin America and has 194,000 parking spaces in 371 centres.

The company has a combination of assets in different stages of their life cycle, most being mature with high margins, helping to finance others in the development stage. This feature places the average life of assets over 25 years, guaranteeing the future of the company.

Plantilla por países
Plantilla por países

Saba's business model is also based on the privileged geographical location of its assets, excellence in its service quality and commercial approach, in addition to the active introduction of technology, the management of its contracts and an adequate size that facilitates efficiency, competitiveness and internationalisation.

Since its creation in 2011, growth has been Saba's key strategic challenge. This has allowed the company to overcome adverse economic conditions, creating value for the shareholder. In this way, since 2011 the number of car parks has increased by 83% and the number of parking spaces by 43%. This expansion is backed by a solid financial position, with an accumulated investment of €482 million for operations such as Adif and Bamsa in 2013-2014, and CPE in 2015.

The company has continued to divest in logistics parks this year as part of its strategic plan to restructure its assets, which shall enable Saba to grow with increased capacity in the car park business. These operations, together with refinancing the company in 2014 and the ongoing search for elements to improve its financial structure, give the company resources to face a new stage of growth as well as greater efficiency in this area.

Saba incorporates long-term vision and commitment to the assets it manages and the administrations it works with. The life cycle of the company is the asset portfolio, in many cases under concession (more than 100,000 parking spaces), in others, owned, complemented with rental assets and management assets for third parties. However, they all provide public, longterm service. In short, Saba's vision is industrial.

3 ejes de actuación
3 ejes de actuación

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Cifras a cierre de 2015.
Cifras a cierre de 2015.