In 2016 Saba Infraestructuras closed a period in which it had gradually turned its attention to the growth of its car park activity, with the progressive divestment of the logistics park business which was completed in October 2016 with the final sale. Growth and turnover of assets have been part of the company’s strategic plan since its inception, with the conviction of achieving a first-rate international positioning.

If in 2011 the main focus was the re-founding project, 2016 constituted the culmination of a first phase in which the company’s philosophy and way of being have led us to transform the company internally and thus increase the Group’s operational efficiency, develop active contract management and seize growth opportunities, decisively implementing technological and commercial transformation initiatives that make Saba a benchmark in the sector. All of this while focusing on customer service quality as the driving factor.

Financial management figures

Does not include the logistics park business

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(*) Management scope excluding capital gains on divestments of logistics assets.
(**) EBITDA proforma: operating profit +/− disposals result + repayment provision.
2011: proforma consolidated figures for the 12 months of the year.

Timeline 2011-17 Timeline 2011-17

Key factors in Saba’s journey since 2011

The company’s salient figures in 2016, its progress since 2011, are a reflection of the strategy designed and executed by Saba that has as its main lines of action:

An increase in the Group’s operating efficiency. Saba’s transformation since 2011, with a qualitatively and quantitatively significant increase in scope in an initial context of deep economic crisis, has been achieved simultaneously with an improvement in profitability in terms of EBITDA on income—from 39% in 2011 to 46% in 2016—thanks to a combination of revenue management, cost reduction and new business.

Commercial and technological transformation. Necessary to stay ahead of the curve with regard to other companies in the sector and to implement solutions that interact with customers and meet their needs directly and efficiently. Faced with a technological, interconnected, efficient and continuously changing reality, Saba’s transformation must be driven by this differentiation, added value, quality of service and new products.

Divestment in logistics parks. Between 2011 and 2016, Saba carried out four successive divestment operations, which totalled €300 million in shareholders’ equity, thus maximising the value of this business line and facilitating key operations in Spain and Portugal, and also boosting Saba’s capacity in the car park business.

Financial structure optimisation. The refinancing operation in 2014 and continuous work in this area have succeeded in preparing this structure in the light of Saba’s financial forecasts, while maintaining solvency and sustainability and minimising the cost of debt. In short, Saba has successfully increased its size, financial resources and time horizon necessary to face a new stage of growth.

The management of contracts for the current portfolio. With an active dynamic that aims to increase concession periods or income. In 2011 - 2016, in terms of EBITDA complete and renewed, the success rate exceeds 75%.

Growth. The awarding of the Aena, Adif, Bamsa and CPE contracts has brought about a radical change for Saba, not only in terms of size but also because of the complexity involved in the integration of structures and equipment. These four major operations have resulted in an addition of 189 centres and 102,000 parking spaces, with a cumulative investment of 400 million euros. In addition, Saba won 33 new contracts between 2011 and 2016, which account for 23,000 parking spaces.

Activity and accrued investment

No. of centres

No. of parking spaces

€545 M



Years of average

Significant growth operations

Mapa de operaciones de crecimiento

parking spaces
Management contract /5 years


parking spaces
Rental agreement /10 years Investment



parking spaces
Concession contract /25 years Investment


CPE (Portugal)

parking spaces
Average life/29 years Investment