Saba closed the year once again achieving the objectives set out in the company’s lines of action: increase the operational efficiency of the business, implement initiatives that allow the company to become a leader in the sector (new support systems, technology, marketing initiatives and energy efficiency), and actively manage contracts, focusing on growth.

Operational management and efficiency

Customer service and Control Centre (CCC): consolidation of remote management, commercial and customer support activities

  • 57% of Saba’s car parks in Spain, 147 out of a total of 256, are connected to the CCC.
  • 952,000 intercom calls (up 49% compared to 2015).
  • 39,000 (up 56% compared to 2015) Customer Support requests.

Energy efficiency

  • In four years we have replaced approximately 40,000 light fixtures in car parks in Spain, Portugal and Italy.
  • Reduction of 50% in consumption and reduction of 25% of contracted power.
  • New energy management software to understand patterns and spending factors. Implementation in 2016 of remote meter reading in 50% of the car park network.

Remodelling of infrastructure

  • More comfort for users: new paint, wider parking spaces, Vehicle Guiding System (VGS), collaborative and auxiliary lighting, LEDs, fire protection systems, etc.
  • Up to 2016, 25 key actions. In 2017, we foresee six additional actions that will comprise more than 12,000 parking spaces.

car parks

Aparcamientos conectados

Intercom calls


Light fixtures
replaced in four years

Puntos de luz

More than


Fully renovated car parks

Innovation and commercial actions

New control systems

  • Renovation of payment machines and implementation of new technology (QR instead of magnetic strip).
  • In 2016, all systems in the Bamsa network (19 car parks) were replaced, added to the 100 new payment machines in 39 car parks in the Adif network. In 2017, a change of control systems in the Saba network of Spain, Italy and Portugal. In total, more than 110 car parks upgraded with new technology.


  • More than 6.7 million uses of the VIA T access and electronic payment device—18% more than in the previous year.
  • 68 car parks in Spain now have VIA T. In 2017, Telepass (similar system to VIA T) was launched in Italy, with a first pilot test at Brindisi airport, and Via Verde (similar to VIA T) in Portugal.
  • In Chile, 104,000 there are subscribers to this service and 320,000 movements in 2016.

New saba.es website

  • More than 610,000 visits and 9,000 transactions (estimate in the first year of operation).
  • Adapted to all Saba countries.

Services with added value

  • 154 charging stations for electric vehicles in Spain, Italy and Portugal.
  • Carsharing service for Saba customers: 180 vehicles in car parks in Spain and Italy.
  • Pick-up windows for e-commerce products: Start-up of the service in Italy (Milan, Venice and Bologna) and imminent deployment in 40 car parks in Spain.

More than


car parks with new control systems (QR technology)


Million VIA T movements

Via T

Visits to the new website


Electric vehicle charging stations

Puntos de recarga


  • New contracts: Santiago de Chile airport and San Bernardo regulated area, in Chile, the Estádio Universitário in Lisbon and Eça (Póvoa de Varzim), in Portugal, and Castro Urdiales (Santander), Montserrat (Mataró) and Virgen del Rocío (Seville), in Spain.

operations in Chile, Portugal and Spain