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Operational management

In 2016 Saba focused definitively on its car park business. Since its re-founding in 2011, the company has set in place initiatives in this area to distinguish itself as one of the leading international players in the industry. During these five years, Saba increased the number of assets it manages by 81%, up to 368 car parks, and its parking spaces by 43%, up to 195,000.

The expectations set in 2015 regarding the recovery of the car park business have been confirmed in 2016. Globally, Saba recorded a 2% increase in activity, with a notable improvement in the Spanish market, where the increase was close to 3%. There was also a positive performance in Italy, which posted its best results in several years. Portugal, likewise, demonstrated strong results with the consolidation of CPE car parks, acquired in 2015.


Car parks


Parking spaces

Parking spaces

Countries of operation:
Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile and Andorra


Millions of short-stay
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Short-stay hours

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Comparable activity 2011-2016

The positive trend was also reflected in other Saba key indicators, such as the subscriber base, which witnessed double-digit growth (+14%) in 2016. The behaviour of macroeconomic and consumption variables, together with an appropriate and proactive commercial offering also resulted in an increase in the number of short-term stays, which increased by 9% compared to the previous year.

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Growth, a challenge for the future

New operations in Chile, Portugal and Spain

Saba has strengthened its position as the leading operator of car parks in Chile, increasing by 39% the number of parking spaces managed in the country during the last year. In total, the company manages nearly 18,000 parking spaces distributed among the cities of Santiago de Chile, Concepción, Valparaíso and San Bernardo.

In Santiago, Saba was awarded management of the car park at Arturo Merino Benítez airport, South America’s fifth busiest airport infrastructure and the company’s first foray into this sector outside Europe. The contract, with a duration of three years, covers the operation of 4,500 parking spaces during a first phase, although these will increase to a total of 5,500 after the extension of the new terminal.

Also in Chile, Saba ventured for the first time into the regulated parking sector when it was awarded the central zone of the municipality of San Bernardo, located 25 km away from the capital, Santiago. This contract for 500 parking spaces over the next four years establishes Saba as a leader in the management of both off-street and on-street parking.

In 2016, Saba Portugal consolidated the CPE business, a company that it acquired at the end of 2015, resulting in a quantitative increase in centres and parking spaces, and faced the additional challenge of implementing a new management model. The acquisition of CPE doubled Saba’s presence in the country, integrating 19 car parks and 8,000 parking spaces.

All in all, the commitment to growth in Portugal has only intensified over the past year with the award for the concession of the car parks at the Estádio Universitário in Lisbon, and the Eça car park in Póvoa de Varzim, in addition to the car park lease contract in Lota, also in Póvoa de Varzim. The three operations involve 1,100 new parking spaces. Saba currently manages a total network of 31 car parks and 4 regulated areas in Portugal in 15 cities, with over 16,700 parking spaces.

In Spain, after a five-year phase in which the Aena, Adif and Bamsa operations were carried out, which meant the incorporation of 189 car parks and 102,000 parking spaces, Saba concentrated on bolstering the management of these large accounts and continuing to explore the market in the search for new opportunities.

As a result of this strategy, the company signed the Amestoy car park concession contract, in Castro Urdiales, during the last quarter of the year. Saba will manage the 750 parking spaces of this facility for a period of 30 years after winning the bid from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Cantabria last summer. In Catalonia, Saba completed the purchase of the Montserrat car park in Mataró. With this facility comprising 157 parking spaces, the company expands its presence in the town with six car parks and 1,200 parking spaces.

In addition, Saba was awarded the lease for the Virgen del Rocío station car park, in Seville. The contract, lasting eight years with the possibility of four annual extensions, will allow Saba to continue strengthening its position in the Andalusian capital, where it manages six car parks.


Parking spaces in Chile


New parking spaces in Portugal

Remodeling facilities

Focused on excellence in service quality

Saba has always chosen to differentiate itself from its competitors based on three hallmarks: Commercial and technological innovation, efficient asset management and the desire to offer the best possible service to the customer. This last aspect has been the focus of the company’s activity over the last year and will continue to be the case with the idea of establishing Saba as an international leader in the sector.

The company is immersed in the complete remodelling of its infrastructures. In 2016, 25 relevant actions have been undertaken and this figure is expected to increase to 31 renovated car parks by the end of 2017. Special emphasis has been placed on redefining parking spaces—wider whenever possible—and paintwork. This increases the luminosity and the feeling of comfort.


Renovated car parks in 2016


Parking spaces in 2017

Collaborative lighting / LED lighting

Luz colaborativa / Iluminación LED

Wider spaces/Modern and clean image

Plazas más amplias /  Imagen moderna y limpia

Efficient and intelligent lighting: Introduction of collaborative lighting

In line with improving customer experience, Saba is progressively installing a new vehicle guiding system (VGS) in its car parks—LED lights which indicate when a space is available—which incorporates additional “collaborative” lighting that illuminates the traditionally dark spots along the sides of parked vehicles.

In addition, this system, combined with the LED lighting of the central aisle and with presence detectors, allows for a suitable level of energy-efficient lighting adaptable to each circumstance.

Related to this, we cannot forget the effort the company has made in recent years to substitute the traditional lighting in its car parks for LED lights. In four years we have replaced approximately 40,000 light fixtures in all Saba countries. This initiative, along with the different actions taken to optimise and monitor management, has resulted in a 50% reduction in power consumption.

New VGS with collaborative lighting


Car parks

The CCC, a gateway for the customer

The number of connected car parks and their commercial role grows

Saba’s Customer service and Control Centre (CCC) continues its pioneering role beyond the remote management of car parks. In 2016, it received 39,000 requests related to sales activity and customer support through its various communication channels. This represents a growth of 56% over the previous year.

In addition, it served more than 950,000 intercom calls from car parks, resolving all kinds of incidents and operating remotely, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The CCC not only improves the level of customer support, but it is now a veritable call centre with a commercial outlook. It is a differentiating element that will continue its momentum in 2017 extending its coverage to the car parks in Portugal and Italy.



of the network connected to the CCC

Italy and Portugal

Implementation in


Electronic access and payment systems

Deployment in all countries

Expanding the implementation of VIA T to the entrances and exits of our car parks has been a constant priority for Saba since in 2012 we pioneered the installation of this international dynamic payment system. In Spain, 68 car parks have VIA T, which speeds up the entrance to the infrastructure, saving time and fuel.

With the aim of leveraging the advantages of VIA T in the rest of the countries where the company operates, Saba has agreements with motorway concession companies such as Atlantia (Italy), Brisa (Portugal) and Autopista Central (Chile) for deploying Telepass, Via Verde and TAG, respectively, in its car park network.

Spain - VIA T

  • Available in 68 car parks.
  • 6.7 million movements in 2016 (+18%).

Italy - Telepass

  • Implementation at Brindisi airport (2017).
  • Collaboration agreement with Atlantia to develop new services (2017).

Portugal - Via Verde

Via Verde
  • >50% of use in the Saba Portugal network.
  • Collaboration agreement with Brisa to incorporate new marketing policies (2017).

Chile - TAG

  • 104,000 subscribers.
  • Variable pricing according to the customer at Clínica Las Condes (2017).