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Sustainable mobility

As a leader in its sector, Saba has the responsibility to contribute to the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions in the countries in which it is present. Throughout 2016, a number of initiatives were launched to reduce congestion in urban traffic, reduce polluting gas emissions and fuel consumption in cities, and ultimately make urban mobility more efficient. All the actions carried out aim to help in the construction of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities and communities, while transforming Saba car parks into true centres of intermodal mobility.

Electric vehicles and carsharing

Saba maintains its commitment to the electric vehicle. In 2016 Saba had a total of 154 electric charging stations throughout its car park network, 4% more than in the previous year.

In addition, the Saba and Saba Barcelona Bamsa networks have 108 charging stations for electric Bicing in Barcelona,​​ deployed thanks to a collaboration agreement with the municipal public company BSM (Barcelona de Serveis Municipals).

Moreover, Saba offers its customers a carsharing service in Spain and Italy, specifically a total of 140 cars in Spain and more than 40 in Italy, mainly in Rome.

Electric vehicles and carsharing
Electric charging stations
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Smart pick-up windows for e-commerce products

So-called “last mile” distribution is one of the critical points in e-commerce logistics. Thanks to the size of its network and its capillarity in cities, Saba can offer efficient solutions for delivering the final product to buyers through smart pick-up windows that facilitate the delivery and the collection of items. After a pilot test in Chile and the launch of the service in Italy in the car parks of Milan, Bologna and Venice, the deployment of a first test in four car parks in Barcelona is imminent with subsequent implementations planned for more than 40 car parks throughout Spain. We are currently studying the possibility of implementing this service in the Portugal network.

On another note, in 2017 Saba will carry out its first experiences in storage units, and will continue with initiatives in urban microdistribution.

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The “Saba model” of sustainable mobility

During 2016 the company participated in various forums, among them the Mobile World Congress and the Smart City Expo World Congress, to explain its model of sustainable mobility.

  • Mobile World Congress: Saba presented its vision of car parks as urban hubs in which parking and payment is comfortable, easy and intuitive thanks to an intelligent use of technology.
  • Smart City Expo World Congress: The event served as a launching pad for the new business website. In addition, Saba gave a talk entitled Digital Transformation for sustainable urban mobility and presented the company’s new innovation strategy.
El modelo Saba de movilidad sostenible