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Technological and commercial transformation

Faced with a technological, interconnected, efficient and continuously changing reality, Saba’s transformation must be driven by this differentiation, added value, quality of service and new products to become the benchmark. As an example, one of Saba’s top-priority objectives is the digitalisation of its business. In order to make progress in this area, it is essential that we renew the Group’s commercial strategies and adapt them to the new needs of users. Throughout 2016, Saba strengthened its digital channels to offer a better experience to its customers and to make it easier for them to access their products through online channels. Actions that we continue to pursue in 2017.

There has also been progress in the technological transformation of the facilities themselves, with the renewal of control systems and the implementation of QR technology in substitution of the magnetic strip. Saba is thus following its principal lines of action to stay ahead of the curve with regard to other companies in the sector and to implement solutions that interact with customers and meet their needs directly and efficiently.

New website

The new website, which became operational in August 2016, is one of the core tools to boost the sale of online products. The new site—which features a completely revamped, responsive design—allows users to purchase about fifteen products and subscriptions, locate the car park that best suits them and reserve parking spaces on the Saba network.

Estimates for the first year of operation of the website point to more than 610,000 visits and a total of 9,000 transactions.

New website

Control Systems

Since 2015, Saba has bolstered the renewal of the management, charging and control systems throughout its car park network, with equipment that enables the implementation of technology for optical payments through QR codes, the expansion of the company’s online product range (in addition to facilitating the discounts offered in collaboration with shops near to the car parks), and a greater number of remote operations.

In 2016, the systems technology was updated throughout the Saba Barcelona Bamsa network, adding new functionalities to car park operations. This initiative builds on one previously carried out in 100 payment machines in 39 Adif network car parks and will be completed during 2017 with the renewal of equipment in Spain, Italy and Portugal. In total, more than 115 car parks in the network as a whole will have new technology by the end of the year.

Control Systems

Commercial restructuring

Saba is committed to commercially exploiting its key accounts. During 2016, one of the biggest endeavours was undertaken throughout the Adif network, with a new commercial policy that caters to the needs of different customer segments, with new products, and adapts the commercial offering to new consumer habits, also contributing to improving mobility management. These new products aim to attract new customers from the pool of long-distance travellers (holiday packages) and weekend travellers (special offers). Likewise, the commercial review includes changing rates in keeping with the market and thus speeding up movements in the car park itself and in its surroundings, avoiding congestion and promoting sustainable mobility, one of Saba’s lines of action.

Commercial restructuring Commercial restructuring

A new concept of parking

The new Saba website and app are two of the key catalysts for the digitalisation of the company. Through these tools, users can find the car park that best fits their needs, buy Saba products and receive a QR code to enter and exit the car park. They can do all this using only a smartphone, a process that is unique in the sector.

New commercial and customer experience

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The Saba Barcelona Bamsa network leads change

Saba fulfills its commitments—deriving from the award of 60% of Bamsa in 2014—to improve facilities and to invest in technology. At the end of 2016, the entire Saba Barcelona Bamsa network, currently composed of 19 car parks in the centre of Barcelona, ​​was using the new management, payment and control systems, which allow access to car parks using QR codes and reservations of parking spaces through the internet. In the future, Bamsa will have up to 26 car parks in the city centre, with more than 11,600 parking spaces.

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