Key events

2017 Key events. SABA
In 2017 Saba has continued to promote its main lines of action


Customer service and Control Centre (CCC)

  • 169 connected car parks in Spain, Italy and Portugal.
  • 1.2 million calls to the CCC (3,200 calls a day).

Energy efficiency

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management certification. Saba is the first company in the sector to obtain it.
  • Implementation of a real-time energy monitoring tool in 90% of the network.

Infrastructure remodelling

  • More comfort for users: new paint, wider car park spaces, Vehicle Guiding System (VGS), collaborative and auxiliary lighting, LEDs, fire protection systems, etc.
  • Up to 2017, more than 32 actions in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile. 6 more actions are planned in 2018, reaching a total of 15,000 car park spaces.
Connected car parks

car parks

Calls to CCC

Calls to CCC


New control systems

  • ATMs renovation and implementation of new technology (QR instead of magnetic strip). In 2017, the systems of 13 car parks were replaced in Spain, 13 in Italy, 4 in Chile and 4 in Portugal, which join the 110 already renewed car parks.

Electronic access and payment systems

  • Nearly 9 million movements made with VIA T in 74 car parks in Spain.
  • Implementation of Telepass in Italy in 7 car parks with 12 more planned in 2018, with an average use of more than 50%.
  • In Portugal, more than 3 million movements with the Via Verde device in 14 car parks, with 10 more car parks planned in 2018.
  • In Chile, 115,000 subscribers to the TAG service and nearly 400,000 movements in 12 car parks.

Digitalization of the business

  • More than 800,000 visits to saba.es and 12,000 transactions.
  • Launch on social media: new customer support and institutional positioning channels.
Car parks with new technology (QR)

car parks with new technology (QR)

Million movements made with VIA T in Spain

Million movements made with VIA T in Spain

Visits to saba.es

Visits to saba.es

Added value services

  • Start-up in conjunction with Seat of the Droppit pilot project for collection of online purchases in the car park.
  • Plan Movalt 2018 of the Ministry of Energy to promote the electric vehicle. Saba aims to install around 150 charging stations in 14 cities in Spain.
  • 115 digital advertising screens in Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Pick-up lockers for e-commerce products: deployment in 8 car parks, with the aim of exceeding 40 in all Spain.
  • Carsharing service for Saba customers: 215 vehicles in car parks in Spain and Italy.


  • Saba closes different operations in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile adding more than 14,500 new car park spaces to its network, including the purchase of a car park with 200 car park spaces at Plaza de los Sitios in Zaragoza.
Puntos de recarga en España

Charging stations in Spain

Vehículos para carsharing en España e Italia

Vehicles for carsharing in Spain and Italy

Nuevas plazas de aparcamiento

New car park spaces