The new way
of parking

Innovation and our products and services portfolio will be key for Saba to become a leading player

We are witnessing a new technological reality that is driving Saba, with more than 50 years of experience in the management of car parks, to offer better service quality and new products. The company is moving forward in this regard, focusing on measures that enhance new business formulas, especially in the digital field, as well as boosting innovation and the development of new technologies applied to car parks to improve customer satisfaction.

The company was a pioneer in the installation of VIA T at acces and exit points of its car parks, in remote management, in optical reading used in control and payment systems, and in launching a website that enables bookings and the purchase of 100% digital products, as well as an App that offers a new commercial and customer experience.

Saba is actively involved in building Smart Cities and works towards a model of sustainable, equitable and efficient urban mobility, in which the car park is a socially aware and environmentally friendly service hub integrated into the mobility policy of the city. We are talking about Smart Parking and also about collaboration agreements with companies such as SEAT, which are essential for carrying out further research into services associated with the mobility of people and vehicles. The Droppit project is a perfect example, an application that allows users to make purchases in a virtual supermarket and receive the order directly in their cars when parked in a Saba car park.

Innovation, our products and services portfolio, the development of our digital channel and our commercial activity will be key in order to become leading players and stay competitive, to differentiate ourselves from other operators and serve customers who increasingly demand more quality. And Saba will keep moving forward, reinforcing its leadership.