4Activity and Growth

Saba: 9 countries & 400,000 parking spaces


The most significant development operation in 2019 is the award, by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal — Vinci, of the comprehensive management contract for the car park network of Portuguese airports for a period of five years. With the award of the management of the Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Madeira (Funchal and Porto Santo) car parks, Saba has reinforced its international expansion strategy in a market where it is the second largest operator, with a presence in 18 cities in the country.

The airports included in this contract represent for Saba an increase of approximately 14,000 parking spaces in 5 centres as follows: Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon), with 6,800 spaces, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto), with 3,600 spaces, Faro Airport (Faro) with 2,250 spaces, and Funchal and Porto Santo Airports (Madeira), with a total of 1,300 spaces.

The award represents an increase of 66% in the number of parking spaces it manages, bringing to 35,000 in a total of 45 car parks. This operation also allowed for the benchmark of 400,000 parking spaces to be exceeded for the first time. For Saba, this award represents a natural opportunity for growth and is a perfect industrial fit, since it allows the company to take advantage of operational synergies in the network, while expanding its territorial perimeter and remaining one of the reference operators in Portugal.

This growth operation has led to an increase of 66% in the number of parking spaces in Portugal, and to exceeding 400,000 for the first time in the Group as a whole

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal—Vinci has put its trust in the Saba group after accrediting its solid experience in similar types of car park management, such as the 73 centres in 14 car parks in the Mediterranean Lot of Aena, in Spain, the Italian airport of Brindisi, as well as the parking infrastructure of the Santiago de Chile airport. Saba also has extensive experience in the management of car parks at railway stations. In Spain, the company operates Adif's high-speed and long-distance car park network, with 73 car parks and nearly 23,000 spaces, and in the United Kingdom it manages the car parks of up to four railway networks totalling more than 48,600 spaces. Saba also manages the car park at the Gare de Oriente station in Lisbon (1,700 parking spaces) and the one at the central station in Prague (500 parking spaces).

In addition to this operation, Saba has renewed the management contracts at the Hospital de Braga, with 2,177 spaces, and that of the Hospital de Vilafranca de Xira, with 902 spaces.


In 2019, the car park management contract at the Institut Guttman de Badalona, with 97 spaces, was signed, and Saba was awarded the concession for the car park at the Hospital de Ourense, with 423 spaces. To these operations can be added the renewal of the rental contracts for the car parks in Barcelona of the Hospital de Sant Pau, with 775 spaces, Joan Güell, with 425 spaces, and that of El Triangle (292 spaces), in addition to the renewal of the management contract for the Illa Diagonal car park (2,344 spaces), also located in Barcelona. In Spain, Saba is present in 83 cities and manages around 130,000 parking spaces in 257 car parks.


Saba has obtained the management of the regulated area of Stintino (Sardinia), with more than 400 parking spaces, and now includes in its concession contract renewals for the Verona Università car parks, with 233 parking spaces, and the Assisi Matteotti car park, with 390 parking spaces. Saba is present in 18 Italian cities and manages 27,444 parking spaces in 56 car parks.


In this country, Saba has won the management contracts for the Casa Costanera car park in Vitacura (Santiago de Chile Metropolitan Region), with 670 spaces, and for the car park at the Clínica Alemana, a private health centre in the city. Clínica Alemana is one of the most recognized hospitals in the country and has two centres with underground parking with more than 2,600 spaces. In Chile, Saba is the leading operator and manages nearly 31,000 spaces in 24 car parks in three cities. In addition, the expansion of the management contract for various car parks at the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile was formalized, incorporating two new car parks, including the one at Campus Oriente, with 170 spaces.


In the UK, the company has successfully renewed or expanded seven management contracts. The most significant of these is the renewal of the car park contract for West Midlands Trains, which includes 32 currently managed car parks and the addition of 13 new ones, for a total of 9,027 spaces. Saba has a significant presence in the United Kingdom, in 43 cities, and manages 153,956 parking spaces in 788 car parks.


In 2019, the management of the Andreas-Passage and the St Bernward and Palandweg en Hildesheim car parks was successfully renewed, comprising a total of 700 parking spaces. In Germany, Saba is present in 15 cities and manages more than 13,200 spaces distributed over 33 car parks.


In Slovakia, the long-term management contract for Penny Market, comprising five locations with 500 spaces, is worthy of mention, in addition to the renewal of the rental contract for the Billa Dunajska car park. In the Czech Republic, for its part, the renewal of the management contracts for the P&R Opatov an Písnice car parks, with 207 and 101 spaces respectively, both in the city of Prague, were signed. In these two countries, Saba operates in 7 cities, including the capitals, and manages more than 12,000 parking spaces in 27 car parks.