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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Saba is inspired by and bases itself on its Mission, Vision and Values to establish the guiding principles for management throughout the Group.

Mission: Provide solutions to the need for sustainable mobility, offering car park availability and complementary services to customers.

Vision: Be an international leader in the car park and sustainable mobility services sector, a benchmark in service quality, innovation and technology.

how we act

The management and development philosophy of the company is based on:

  • A long-term perspective and vision in the management of its business and in the development of new investments.
  • The preservation of its industrial character with a committed, responsible and active participation in management. Therefore, the business does not undertake any financial investments.
  • Efficient management. Optimizing management know-how and looking for best practices and achieving economies of scale.
  • Excellence in service quality and customer support.
  • Connection to the surroundings and the region: interaction and responsiveness with government authorities.