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Always connected to the customer

Always connected to the customer

Maximum quality customer support has always been an inescapable feature for Saba. The growth in the number of managed car parks and parking spaces in recent years was based on factors such as the most innovative technology, business models tailored to all our customers, efficiency and, of course, customer support. . In this sense, the Saba Customer service and Control Centre (CCC) responds transversally to this position.

The CCC is fundamental in improving the level of customer support and acts not only as a remote management centre, but as a true Call Centre with a sales vocation which allows Saba to increase the quality of service. In 2019, the CCC reached 235 connected car parks in Spain, Italy and Portugal, 25% more than in 2018. A growth in the number of assisted centres which will continue in 2020, which allows us to certify the success of a pioneering model in the sector.

Saba's capillarity in the various territories in which it operates, added to the aforementioned desire to provide the best customer support, makes the CCC, together with on-site infrastructure atention, the best combination. In 2019, the CCC answered 1.6 million intercom calls from car parks, 15% more than the previous year. This translates into nearly 5,000 calls answered by a multidisciplinary international team attending simultaneously in five different languages.



In Spain, Italy and Portugal


+15 %



+40 %


+92 %


Customer support, with the aim of resolving queries or remotely solving any incident that might arise in a car park, but also as Saba's commercial benchmark, the channel through which to publicize the various products developed by the company's sales and marketing teams. So, the CCC received close to 53,000 requests related to Saba's product catalogue and other types of customer support requests via its various communication channels.

In this sense, we must make special reference to the Customer Support Service (SAC) implemented in 2018 through the various channels opened by the company on social networks. Today, a customer can contact the CCC via phone or email, but can also do so at any time of the day with their mobile phone through Facebook Messenger, Twitter or the most dynamic currently existing customer support channel on social media: WhatsApp.

And when quality customer support is combined with 100% digital technology and products, sales can be completed in just a few minutes without having to visit the car park. The process of decision, purchase and use of the product in the palm of the hand thanks to Saba.