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Innovative infrastructures

Innovative infrastructures

Saba continues to strive to make its car parks the benchmark in the sector, carrying out actions in a large part of its network to update and redefine its facilities in accordance with the latest quality and innovation standards established by the company. With this effort, the car parks become more functional, bright, safe and sustainable. A clear example of the value that sets Saba apart in the sector.

In 2019, Saba renovated a total of 44 car parks, with over 19,000 parking spaces in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile. Particularly significant are the actions undertaken in the Plaza de Catalunya car park in Barcelona. It was with the opening of this facility in 1967, along with four other car parks in Barcelona, that Saba was born. Today, more than 50 years later, infrastructure is once again a benchmark for innovation and functionality. Other relevant infrastructure in Barcelona has also been updated, such as the Cathedral car park, located in the heart of the old city.

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The process of redefining Saba’s image is based on increasing its parking spaces, whenever possible, but also on designing car parks that are more brightly lit and provide a greater sense of comfort. It is in this area in which the customer experience is improved. To achieve this, the company is progressively installing a new vehicle guiding system (VGS) in its car parks—LED lights which indicate when a space is available—which incorporates additional “collaborative” lighting that illuminates the traditionally dark spots along the sides of parked vehicles.

Moreover, this system, combined with the LED lighting of the central aisle and with presence detectors, creates the ideal level of energy-efficient lighting adaptable to each circumstance. In this regard, we cannot forget the effort the company has made in recent years to substitute the traditional lighting in its car parks for LED lights.

  • New dynamic control and exit systems.
  • Latest generation Vehicle Guidance Systems.
  • Better signage and innovative paint designs.
  • Increased 100% LED lighting.
  • Reinforced efficiency and safety measures.