6Sustainability and Social Commitment

Company policy

Company policy

Saba's policy integrates commitment, responsibility and an active relationship with society and the territory as an essential part of the company's management and development philosophy. One of the strategic pillars is ethics and integrity, understood as transparency, efficiency, sustainability of the activity and risk assessment in an efficient way.

The entire organization takes part and collaborates, as far as possible, in the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) culture that it has established.

Saba's way of working is a shared project of commitment, translated into customer support, involvement and responsibility with the territories in which it operates, as an active player in the progress of cities. All this, together with the brand identity and social and ethical aspects, comprise the differentiating elements of Saba. The integration and consolidation of CSR in the business strengthens transparency and the correct management of stakeholders. The company’s sustainability strategy roadmap is in fact aligned with GRI standards.