The people who make up Saba are the essential basis for sustaining what might be called the Saba style: a culture of customer support, commitment to the environment, responsibility and honesty towards suppliers, and involvement in society. Saba works daily to achieve excellence in human resource management, ensuring that there is a proper alignment between the needs of its professionals and the strategic objectives of the company, as well as ensuring the rights and freedoms of its employees through measures for work-family reconciliation.

At 31 December 2020, Saba’s workforce comprised 2,068 people, with an average age of 40. Also worthy of note is the increase in the percentage of employees with some type of disability at Saba, reaching 2.4% of the workforce, evidence of the desire to provide equal opportunities to all talent, regardless of their personal circumstances.

The strategic lines of action in the field of people management in Saba translate into: acquisition and development of talent, organisational transformation, continual improvement and knowledge management, communication and change management, company image as an employer, compensation and benefits, occupational health and safety and labour relations.

In 2020, and as a result of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, Saba was immersed in an exceptional and complex situation at a global level in which people were the company’s strategic management focus in all its aspects.

Management of the health crisis

Global lines to be tailored to each counttry and each work centre


Preserving the health of our employees to the maximum, in all countries

Health and safety

Plan tailored to individual situations (personal and work)
Well-being and trust