Sustainable urban mobility

A sustainable, people-oriented service hub


We live in a world that is gradually adapting to hyper-personalised, electric and connected mobility. For certain age groups, the desire to have a vehicle of their own is an ideal of the past. Similarly, these same people do not want to renounce the feeling of freedom, to a new, often shared form of mobility – they use all the sharing modes or the new rent-a-car models – where ease of having a vehicle at their disposal at any time and place is a key element in their day to day. Whether for recreational or work use. They have not relinquished mobility, rather they are opting for a new model.

These new models need to be integrated into an ecosystem that enables each means to be adapted to every need. We need to facilitate inclusive mobility at all times, leaving no one behind. People should be able to decide when to use their private vehicle and to do so intelligently. Planning their trips and aware of their impact.

Anyone can now study the journey they are going to make before leaving home and plan it in an intermodal manner. Park the car, motorcycle or bike in a car park and continue from there on foot, by public transport or by means of a micro-mobility vehicle. A practice that benefits the city by freeing public space of vehicles that are not moving.

The infrastructure has been modernised by providing the latest entry, exit and payment systems, which in turn are connected to the product sales platforms

Making this new way of understanding mobility a reality requires a robust technological environment that supports it and adapts to people’s changing needs. Saba has distinguished himself in recent years as a benchmark company in combining technology and service with the launch of new products for its customers. The infrastructure has been modernised, providing the latest entry, exit and payment systems, which in turn are connected to product sales platforms, such as Saba’s website and app. By bringing these two universes together, the customer benefits from a large commercial portfolio seamlessly related to parking. Today the customer can buy a product for a few hours, from their phone, enter the car park using their number plate and check payment in their customer area.

In addition to Saba’s ability to innovate, must be added its desire to respond to major structural changes, such as the progressive transition to electric mobility. The company has been studying and responding for years to a trend that is growing at double digit rates and is aware of playing a key role in its gradual deployment. Saba offers a charging network that is unique in the sector, backed by world-class partners and capable of continuing to grow to sustain the foreseeable increase in electric mobility. Saba is ready.