Sustainable urban mobility

Digital transformation and pandemic


The health crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 has been devastating socially and economically. Saba has been affected by restrictions on mobility and has had to adapt its business to this new situation in an agile manner. In this context, digital tools, such as e-commerce platforms, have increased their strategic weight in the company by having to support greater demand from users when the greatest concern was the safety of its employees.

Product sales were diverted entirely to the digital environment – website and app – to minimise contact between Saba’s personnel and our customers. This was a risky move that has been highly successful thanks to the collaboration of all departments involved, as well as the ability of the two platforms to absorb the demand. In 2020, new products specially designed to respond to the reality generated by the pandemic were created and a project of great importance to the company was completed by allowing the sale of subscriptions through the website and app.

New products for new times

The pandemic has changed our habits as regards remote working. According to an Adecco Group study presented in March 2021, almost 3 million Spaniards work occasionally or regularly from home, 1.2 million more than a year ago, when the pandemic arrived. Faced with this situation and with mobility clearly reduced, Saba launched its “Wherever you go” campaign in 2020, which was used to introduce a new multi-day daytime product. Non-stay, valid Monday to Sunday during business hours and allowing parking a few days a week at highly competitive prices. This meant the launch of the first product designed for a new reality, in which many people go to their workplace occasionally and not always for a full day.

A new dimension for e-commerce

Products like the new Saba multi-day daytime pass could only be valid if they were 100% digital, from sale to use. And this was possible thanks to continual improvement in the digital field, a constant objective in Saba’s road map. With Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile and the United Kingdom equipped with e-commerce platforms, digitisation of the business is already a reality.

The sale of subscriptions through was also consolidated in 2020. This is a milestone in commercial and technological terms, resulting from a significant effort by several of the company’s departments. Because not only can the customer buy their subscription comfortably from Saba’s website or app, they can get the best price and the product that best suits their needs.


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