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In 2021, Saba continued to operate in an area of global instability, monitoring the impact of the pandemic and its effects on economic activity and the business itself, with the main objective of recovering normality at all levels. This objective includes some axes, such as, in the external framework, the flexibilisation of restrictive measures, both in the mobility area and in economic activity and in the internal areas, commercial policies, through the adaptation of products, recovery of subscribers, the boosting of new digital channels and the search for new market opportunities, setting specific development objectives for each country.

Saba continued to provide a response to the exceptional situation generated by the pandemic with measures such as remote management by the CCC

In 2021, the Group maintained the expenditure and investment control measures already applied in 2020 from the beginning of the health crisis, with ongoing monitoring, prioritising those non-deferrable investments with a direct effect on the operation of car parks. In this same operating management heading, Saba continued to provide a response to this exceptional situation, implementing a series of measures such as remote infrastructure management through its Care and Control Centre (CCC). Currently over 400 car parks in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile and recently, the United Kingdom, are connected to the CCC, which also acts as a true “Contact Centre”, with a commercial and customer services vocation.

Furthermore, the Group has implemented strategic business initiatives, such as the launch of the rotating number plate reading or the renewal of the extended e-commerce products and services of the business web page and the Saba App, among others. The implementation of the OBE (VIA T, Via Verde, Telepass and Tag) devices was maintained in the different countries with an increase in all movements of 61% in 2021, up to 13.8 million in total.

With a focus which goes beyond 2021, Saba is continuing to pay attention to the recovery funds boosted by the European Union to help the rebuilding of post COVID-19 Europe - a Europe that will be more ecological, digital and resilient. In line with the Group’s efforts in the promotion of the use of the electric vehicle, the main projects fall within the scope of electric recharging, as well as others that have parking as the central axis, such as urban microdistribution (last mile) or the design of mobility platforms, among others. And all these challenges must be addressed, as cannot be otherwise, by maintaining as the primordial axes the management of the health and safety of all Saba professionals, applying prevention and control measures in this regard in all countries in which it operates.