ESG: Sustainability


In 2021, despite the fact that the company continued to be affected by the pandemic, both in terms of activity and of income, the intention was maintained, the same one as in 2020, of backing those welfare projects that Saba has implemented since 2011. In a situation in which solidarity must be more essential than ever and in which companies and institutions must get involved with people and territories, Saba has maintained these commitments in this area and it has even extended its partnerships.

Saba will continue to be involved in all territories in which it operates, identifying long-term projects that adapt to the company’s welfare projects and which are focused on three areas

Noteworthy is the project performed by Saba in 2021, earmarking part of the resources of the Christmas institutional campaign to an initiative promoted by the Italian association Differenza Donna, formed in Rome in 1989, with the main objective of publicising, preventing and combating gender violence against women and children. Among the main procedures carried out by Differenza Donna, such as shelters for abused women or international actions to fight against the sexual or employment exploitation of women, inter alia, also of note were prevention programmes in schools throughout the country to counteract hate crimes, bullying and cyberbullying.

The partnership between Saba and Differenza Donna will enable the implementation of programmes at schools in Roma, Perugia, Bari and Verona. These are awareness-raising projects aimed at children from early ages until the last stages of university and post-graduate training that seek to promote gender relations respecting personal freedom and breaking all manner of stereotypes that prevent and seriously harm coexistence.

Saba will continue to be involved in all territories in which it operates, identifying long-term projects that adapt to the company’s welfare projects and which are focused on three areas. Firstly, initiatives in the health area within the hospital area, the most noteworthy of which were the agreement to promote the SJD Paediatric Cancer Centre at the Sant Joan de Déu hospital, which will represent the construction of the most important children’s oncological hospital in Europe.

Secondly, support for disadvantaged groups with special focus on children and families. Here of special note are the partnerships with Cáritas or SOS Children's Villages, he largest direct childhood direct care organisation of the Spanish State, with a presence in 139 countries, most of them at which Saba has a presence. The agreement with the ”la Caixa” Foundation Programa Incorpora will also be included in this section, for the employment inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.

Lastly, projects that contemplate climate action and which are clearly connected with Saba’s philosophy and its role as sustainable mobility adviser. Noteworthy here is the cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet, a non-governmental organisation formed in Germany, present in 71 countries and which aims to raise the awareness of children and adults regarding climate change and global justice problems.

All partnerships are reviewed year by year, monitoring them and maintaining support with a view to continue extending the actions, always within the parameters set in Saba’s regulations. In this regard, the company implements internal regulations and, in line with that stipulated in section 24 of the Code of Ethics, it governs the contributions and partnerships with third parties excluding those related with political parties or organisations related to them.