Sustainable urban mobility

Benchmarks in the promotion of electric mobility

At year-end 2021, the company had 485 recharging points in five countries, an increase of 20% with respect to the preceding year. This sustained growth reflects the company’s will to favour the deployment of electric vehicles in all their types, accompanying the European guidelines and those of each country, being able to offer commercial solutions for rotation customers and subscribers, but also sharing firm vehicles or fleets that park at our facilities.

In 2021

In Spain, Saba will continue to extend the recharging networks at its car parks, with up to 130 new spaces during 2022. In this regard, it has requested subsidies under the new MOVES III plan for aid for electric mobility. In 2022, Saba will include recharging spaces in over 90% of its network of car parks. Furthermore, in this year 13 new rapid recharging stations will be opened following the agreement reached with EndesaX.

The current recharging network in Portugal was extended by 16 spaces out of the 14 car parks that had such spaces. With respect to this year, work will be conducted with EDP to provide a solution to the subscribers that demand exclusive recharging spaces, and to continue extending the network.

In 2021, Chile provided 30 recharging spaces following the agreement reached with EnelX. In this way, Saba has a presence at 10 car parks in Santiago and, with respect to 2022, it endeavours to extend its network at the remaining car parks.

The agreement reached in Italy with EnelX will enable the installation in 2022 of up to 45 recharging spaces at 15 car parks. Hence, the existing synergies in other countries are taken advantage of.

In the United Kingdom, Saba has a mixed relationship model with different operators, involving 74 recharging spaces in 11 car parks. In this year, Saba is working to reach a framework agreement with recharging service providers to homogenise the available offering.

ParkElectric, a pioneering formula

Following the launch of ParkElectric on the market in 2020, the first product that facilitates the recharging of vehicles for users that do not have a private recharger for their electric vehicle at home, in 2021, Saba promoted the marketing of this service.

Available in the whole network of Saba and Bamsa car parks at which rechargers exist for the public, the company currently offers up to 75 rechargers reserved for subscribed customers in 25 cities in Spain.

With ParkElectric, Saba manages not only to cover demand for rotation customers, which can use the rechargers from time to time, but also for its subscribed customers, on offering a linked recharging service. Until then, it had not been possible to devise a tailored solution with the “all inclusive” model. A revolutionary product that will be the turning point for those people that wish to jump to electric mobility.

Furthermore, it is a product that is exportable to the remaining Group companies, in which work is already being conducted to extend this solution. It is also the base on which future electrification will stand for vehicle fleets or sharing platforms. Vehicles for both groups must be gradually migrated towards 0 emissions and Saba offers a reloading infrastructure of a great scalable capillarity to provide a response to its needs.