Sustainable urban mobility

promote sustainable deliveries

Modern car parks must seek new ways of relating with the city and its inhabitants, which will not always be customers. Saba has modern infrastructures in the best locations normally in highly-populated areas in which public spaces must be for people.

E-commerce lockers at Saba

locations in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom

In this conception of city, and aware of being a valued space for cities, Saba provides all services as lockers, also known as e-commerce lockers. These devices offer a service to those people that cannot receive their packages at home, but also open a channel to an infinity of logistics operators which, making use of them, drastically reduce displacements. The company must reconsider the current model of home delivery since it has proved itself to be unviable from an environmental perspective.

Promote the culture of the collection of internet purchases at e-commerce lockers, which also permit their return, reduce traffic in the city centre and pollution, in line with sustainable microdistribution.

In 2021, Saba multiplied by three the number of lockers available at its car parks in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom. A trend which is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.