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Saba’s e-commerce enters a new dimension

Following the outbreak of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 in 2020, 2021 must be a bridge towards a gradual social and economic recovery. Despite the favourable prospects, the year began with mobility restrictions, leading to the closure of businesses and the return of curfews in different countries in which Saba has a presence.

The desired recovery began to perceived in April when the healthcare situation stabilised and the upward performance of mobility and the first signs of economic recovery meant that Saba’s e-commerce could evolve favourably. Despite these green outbreaks, the performance of demand in the year continued to fluctuate according to the country and the pandemic situation, living an authentic situation of obstacles based on the healthcare situation in each Saba territory.

In this context, the digital tools, such as Saba’s e-commerce platforms (Web and Saba App), have continued to increase their strategic weight at the company on having to bear greater demand on the part of users.

In 2021, Saba’s e-commerce recognised Its best year in history thanks, among other things, to the sale of subscriptions through the web page

Already in 2020, product sales were redirected to the digital environment, a risky movement which was highly satisfactory thanks to all the departments involved, and to the capacity of both platforms to absorb demand. In 2021, the most significant growth in online subscription sales was consolidated as a result of the pandemic, a milestone that was accompanied by the launch of a new App at global level with new functionalities and an improved design.

With everything, in 2021, Saba’s e-commerce in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile reported its best year in history with an increase in revenue of 87% on 2020 (and of 81% if we compare it with 2019, a year in which the pandemic had not yet broken out). These record figures are also obviously reflected in the rise in transactions which, in 2021 exceeded 78,300 (+90% with respect to 2020).

Web and App in 2021

million visits
Total revenue
(Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile)

An app with new functions and an improved design

Available in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile, the renewed “Saba App” optimised its customer experience with a clean intuitive design. With this update, Saba has wanted to focus on user experience, offering maximum usability to its customers and ensuring that in the future it may assume other Saba markets.

An App which may therefore adapt to the existing needs and functions in each country. Also, shortly, this platform will include the functionality that enables the payment of the regulated area by mobile phone. For now the download of another app is still required (Saba Regulated Area) to be able to enjoy this service, but the company is considering integrating it over this year.

Saba App in 2021


New Saba App services offering

Access and payment by number plate

Entrance, exit and payment of the rotation stay linked to a credit card through the App.


Enables product purchases such as Multiday or VIA-T balance.

See map

Satisfies the need to park immediately, without preliminary planning.

Regulated area (Shortly)

Implementation envisaged in Spain and Portugal in the first phase, without the need to download another App.