Sustainable urban mobility


Car parks need to be understood to be city infrastructure unequivocally bound to mobility. For Saba, to talk about car parks is to refer to an environment constantly being redefined, a space that acts as a major point of access to various sustainable mobility services.

A hub that takes advantage of strategic locations in city centres, as well as the benefits of a network with high capillarity and uninterrupted service to operate as an agent integrated into the policy and mobility chain for people and goods, always in constant coordination with the other means of transport, contributing to a new truly intermodal mobility.

We are talking about facilities that have become a “meeting point” for mobility, but above all, a dynamic and connected space where new uses are concentrated beyond what the parking sector has traditionally been, such as sharing or last mile micro-distribution.

Saba proposes to be part of the solution to the current needs of cities and their inhabitants. Because its car parks are intermodal nodes, where customers can exchange their private vehicle for public, shared or single-person mobility; an environment where they can safely store their vehicle, freeing the public space occupied by the car park for citizens; nodes that act sustainably as small warehouses for last mile distribution to combat excessive delivery van traffic; the place where to charge electric vehicles and, now, the shop window in which to find any shared mobility service.

Facilities converted into a mobility “meeting point”; a dynamic, connected place


Electric vehicles

  • Large charging network in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Chile
  • Products for subscribers and short-stay customers

Carsharing services

  • All the modes of the sector
  • Present in most SABA countries

Urban distribution of goods

  • Sustainable and scalable method which takes advantage of strategic locations
  • Pilot test in 5 car parks in Spain

E-commerce lockers

  • Deployed in Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy
  • Agreements whith the main companies in the sector


Electronic access, exit and payment

  • Number plate reading
  • QR
  • OBE

Web and e-commerce App

  • Wide portfolio of 100% digital products
  • Renovates design
  • MySaba, the customer area


  • 100% of the car park
  • Allows for the deployment of value-added products and services

Remote management

  • Allows for an uninterrupted quality service
  • More than 200 connected car parks in 3 countries