Sustainable urban mobility

More than a new method of entry


At the beginning of this chapter we showed the Saba sustainable services hub, a people-oriented city infrastructure, where you can see the interaction between services and technology. The combination of these two universes is what makes it possible to consider a Saba car park as a Smart Parking facility. Because people have always been at the centre, and the solutions presented in recent years attest to this.

The reading of number plates as a new method of car park entry, exit and payment was made reality in 2020. A technological revolution that represents a paradigm shift. Saba’s customers can now enter the car park in the traditional mode, by obtaining a ticket (now in QR format), through an OBE device (VIA T, Via Verde, Telepass, TAG, etc.) or with their number plate. This latter format, unlike the OBE, eliminates the intermediary figure, as the relationship is limited solely to the customer and Saba.

Number plate reading: no tickets, cashiers or waiting

  • Entry, exit and payment.
  • 100% digital experience.
  • Commercial launch offer.

And while the usage dynamics are the same as with the OBE, a customer who chooses number plate reading can take advantage of greater benefits, such as the possibility of revising their parking stays at any time through the app or the possibility of having more than one vehicle associated with their bank card; the payment method to which the service needs to be linked once registered. From that point, a 100% digital customer experience opens up, eliminating waiting or passing the cashier, which is environmentally sustainable and does not require physical interaction with any item in the car park.

See how number plate reading works:

Entry, exit and payment with number plate reading

  • Available in 56 car parks in Spain
  • Short stay customers, subscribers and products
  • Registration and management through the Saba App
  • Touchless solution

The service is available in 56 of the company’s car parks in Spain and is expected to be deployed throughout the network, if gradually. In this way, not only does Saba have the chance to get to know its customers better and to promote new loyalty programs, as well as to customise the products it can offer, but it applies one of its maxims: offering the best customer service by making parking even easier.

Society has become accustomed to so-called “frictionless” processes that make our daily life easier. Work is being carried out at Saba to extend this new way of interacting with the infrastructure and the commercial and technological processes are reviewed continually.