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Number plate reading: without tickets, machines or waiting times

In 2020, Saba introduced the reading of number plates as a new method to enter, exit and pay for parking. A technological revolution which meant a change of paradigm. A year later, the company has extended the number of car parks with this service by 14% until reaching a total of 64 locations.

Nowadays, Saba’s customers can access the car parks in their traditional format, by obtaining a ticket (already in QR format), through an OBE device (VIA T, Via Verde, Telepass, TAG, etc.) or by entering their number plate. This latest format, unlike the OBE, eliminates the figure of intermediary, since the relationship is limited to the customer and Saba.

Saba’s customers can access the car parks by obtaining a ticket in QR format, through an OBE device or by entering their number plate

64 car parks equipped with number plate reading devices

And although the dynamics of use are the same as with the OBE, the customer that opts to have their number plate read can take advantage of greater benefits, such as the possibility of reviewing their car park stay whenever they want, through the App, or the possibility of having more than one vehicle associated with their bank card; the payment method to which it is necessary to link the service once registered. From then onwards, the customer receives a 100% digital experience, which eliminates waiting times and avoids the use of machines, which is environmentally sustainable and which does not require physical intervention with any parking items.

After the deployment of the service in Spain, this technology is expected to reach the whole of the network. Hence, Saba does not just have the possibility of getting to know its customers better and of promoting new loyalty-building programmes, aside from personalising the products that it might offer, but it also complies with one of its sayings: offer the best service to the customer on helping them even more to park.