Actions taken by Saba

In the face of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and, following the provisions and official declarations adopted by the governments and government authorities of the various countries in which the Saba group operates, the company is carrying out a series of measures to try to preserve the safety and health of its employees, prevent the spread of the coronavirus, as well as ensure the functionality of its services. These actions are being evaluated and continuously updated at all times.

Preventive Measures

  • Monitoring the health of all employees: Saba enabled a single channel for inquiries and communications on COVID-19 and all employees were informed about situations of risk that must be communicated to the company in order to apply the internal action protocols that help preserve, above all else, the health and safety of Saba’s workers, customers and suppliers.
  • Updated information: A web banner has been set up on the Saba Intranet with information of interest in relation to the coronavirus, which is updated on a daily basis, so that all employees can consult it.
  • Personal hygiene: As the health authorities have stated on various occasions, personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene, is essential to control this pandemic. For this reason, the need for frequent handwashing (with hot soapy water) has been communicated to all personnel; antiseptic hand sanitizer has also been provided.
  • Telework strategy: Saba has provided the resources and technological tools necessary to enable central services personnel to work from outside the office and to provide their services with the same quality, rigour and immediacy as always.
  • Travel and meetings: Both local and international travel for professional reasons has been suspended, as has attendance at conferences, events and meetings, while digital communication channels – such as videoconferencing, has been reinforced.

Business Continuity Planning

  • Continuity of activities: Saba has a Business Continuity Plan that takes into account the risks that may affect all its operations as well as the services provided to customers.
  • Public service: The company understands that the activity in its car park network is an important public service that serves as an ancillary and necessary activity for facilitating the performance of critical and essential services.
  • Operations: During the health crisis, and depending on the circumstances and the established health authority provisions, we have maintained the operation of the car network, as well as the activity of the customer support and Control Centre (CCC), which provides service to the car park network in Spain, Italy and Portugal. This operation has been carried out with the minimum necessary structure, always attending to the activity and the adequate control of the facilities and the safety of the employees.
  • Constant contact with the authorities: The company is in constant contact with the State Security Forces and the competent authorities in the field of mobility, in order to preserve and guarantee that car park and CCC employees can reach their workplace as usual.
  • Division of labour: In the case of the Customer service and Control Centre (CCC), the work teams have been divided into independent and fully operational blocks with the aim of minimizing the risk of contagion due to the lower density of people, while still preserving the continuity of services. Two alternative centres located in two car parks have also been enabled, while great efforts have been made to facilitate telecommuting by virtualizing CCC workstations in employees’ homes, thus avoiding the need for personnel to transport themselves to the workplace.
  • Customers: All of these measures aim to maintain, as much as possible, the quality of service for customers, the efficiency in management and the commitment to excellence that Saba always strives for. To this end, we use all the technological tools and channels available, as well as our direct and flexible human treatment, which makes it possible to attend to all incoming requests in the best possible way, responding to the exceptional circumstances that we are all experiencing.

In the area of social responsibility, the network of car parks, especially those located near hospital centres and other authorized centres, has been placed at the service of the health authorities, in order to fulfil the needs of healthcare personnel as they arise.

Due to the nature of this health crisis, this set of measures constitutes a living and constantly evolving process. Saba reviews, complements and adapts the actions according to the unfolding events. And, of course, open communication is maintained in order to promptly inform of any new measures adopted.

In difficult and critical moments such as those in which we live, the strength and work of individuals and companies is what will help us move forward and continuing fighting this pandemic, both on an individual and collective level.


  • Preserve the health and safety of employees. Activate accompaniment and support measures, ensure security conditions and minimize the risks of contact during work activity.
  • Promote a progressive return. Adjust the measures to the reality of each country, work centre and employee. Strengthen trust, establish a continuous communication plan and carry out constant monitoring and adjustments.
  • Encourage change and take advantage of new and best practices. Consolidate trends and behaviours pertinent to how we work and interact, some of which are derived from new technologies, to improve efficiency and decision-making.