5Smart Parking


Saba has insisted for years on constantly redefining its car parks. Today, beyond considering its facilities on the basis of the number of parking spaces, the company takes into account other factors such as the space available for different uses. Understanding the facility as a large container of sustainable mobility services, a hub that takes advantage of strategic locations in city centres and its uninterrupted service to work as an agent integrated into the city's mobility policy and chain, and in full coordination with other means of transportation, helping to reduce heavy traffic.

This new urban ecosystem can only find its space within what we are calling Smart Parking.Because the sustainable services hub can only be hosted by a car park with the latest technology, the largest and best connectivity, and staff trained to respond to customer demands.

We refer to facilities in which different means of transport coexist —for both private and public use— but, above all, a dynamic and connected environment that favours intermodality and even concentrates new uses for e-commerce or micro-distribution. Saba car parks are part of the solution to the current needs of cities. They are poles where you can exchange a private vehicle for public transport; areas for safely storing vehicles that rob people of space when parked on the surface; nodes acting as small warehouses for last-mile distribution and thus combating the growing traffic of delivery vans; charging stations for electric vehicles and, now, a place to find any mobility sharing service. Saba car parks are also the future of cities.